Steel & Tube – case study

How much steel do we need to import next year?

Barin, from Steel & Tube, has an answer to this question. We spoke with Barin to find out how he gets the information he needs to do his job.

What does Steel & Tube do?

We’re the leading supplier of steel products and services in New Zealand. We have a huge product range – from roofing, fencing, valves, and pipes, to small gate fittings.

What information do you need to do your job?

We need to know what the demand for steel is in New Zealand – which products will be required and where.

We need to know the size of the steel market, what our share of the market is, the size of our competitors, and whether the market is growing or declining.

We need to look at trends to help us forecast what is going to happen.

What data do you use?

We use lots of data from Statistics NZ: 
  • a customised steel import report (which is conveniently emailed to me) 
  • information releases, including:
    Building Consents Issued – shows how much construction there is likely to be, which helps us forecast demand for steel
    GDP – provides us with a quarterly overview of economic activity
    Consumers Price Index – gives us a feel for price inflation 
  • Census – provides population and industry data by area 
  • Infoshare – I can tabulate all kinds of data, getting specific details over a time series. I do it in the format I need, when I need it 
  • seminars – provide really good demonstrations and insights.

Why do you use Statistics NZ data?

Statistics NZ is a good organisation, and very responsive – when I send an email, I usually get a reply the same day. I can often get the information I need straight away from the website – it’s so quick and easy.

What would happen if you didn’t have Statistics NZ data?

We wouldn’t have a full understanding of our business! For instance, without the building consents data, we wouldn’t know what construction was likely to happen in the future.

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  • Image of Barin – an employee at Steel & Tube.

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Barin Das


Statistics NZ has lots of data on New Zealand over a long time period. This helps us analyse our external environment and our business.

Statistics NZ’s data is the foundation for my analysis. I depend on it to do my job.

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