13.5% plan to leave
New Zealand.

Our official surveys show that
New Zealanders made 348,000 overseas
trips last December and January.

17.3% can expect
socks or underwear
this year as presents.

The price of socks has increased more over the
past 12 years than the price of clothes overall.

25.7% hope to chill
at the beach.

Not surprising when you consider New Zealand
has more than 18,000 kilometres of coastline.

6.4% will spend most of
our holiday in a tent.

Over 2.3 million guest nights were spent in
New Zealand holiday parks last summer
during December and January.

Our top 3 barbecue
foods are steak,
and chicken.

The latest figures indicate that the price of these
foods has increased 7–10% since last year.

4.8% will enjoy a hangi.

New Zealanders spend an average of
46 minutes a day cooking or preparing food.

52.7% think tomato
sauce is the best
barbecue condiment.

In the March 1949 quarter, a 10 ounce
(283 gram) bottle of tomato sauce cost the
equivalent of $5.30 in today's terms.

13.7% prefer cricket
as the sport to play
with our families.

Our surveys show New Zealanders spend
37 minutes more per day with their family
during the summer months.

47.6% of us who eat
steak like it medium rare.

At last count there were about 3.8 million
beef cattle in New Zealand.