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To search the classification, or code small volumes of data interactively, use the Classification Code Finder.

Use a coding tool to code large volumes of data by downloading the Classification Coding System.


Qualifications achieved in education and training are used in combination with other factors in making social comparisons both locally and internationally. The statistical standard for qualifications was developed so that collecting, recording and producing information on qualifications can be consistent for all surveys and administration information. This will mean that qualifications data from two or more sources can be compared. Classifications used to record qualifications in Statistics New Zealand match the classifications of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Commission and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Classification of qualification level and education field of study

Qualification level is a flat classification with 12 categories – excluding residual categories.

Education field of study is a hierarchical classifications of three levels. Excluding residual categories level 1 (broad fields) has 13 categories, level 2 (narrow fields) has 72 categories and level 3 (detailed fields) has 379 categories.

In 2009 a minor review was undertaken which clarified some category definitions and descriptors to enable more accurate coding, and lead to the release of NZSCED V2.0. There was also a need to include several new fields of study at the detailed level where qualifications can now be gained which were not covered explicitly in the previous version. The underlying concepts have not changed.

The residual categories are defined in Glossary and references.

Qualification level

Classification The New Zealand Qualifications Framework – Qualification Level 2003
Abbreviation NZREG
Version V1.0
Effective date 26/05/2003

Education field of study

Classification New Zealand Standard Classification of Education – Field of Study
Abbreviation NZSCED.FIELD
Version V2.0
Effective date 21/09/2009
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