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Appendix 1

Appendix 1

Coding common responses – by level and by qualification

Coding by level

Level 10

PhD, Surgeon, Physician, Fellow of the Royal Australasian College (Ophthalmology, Surgeon), FRACS, FRACP, FRNZGP, FRANZCP, FRCOG, FANZCA, DPhil are coded to level 10.

Level 9

MA, MBBS, LLM, MEd, MPhil, Masters and MBA are assigned to level 9.

Level 8

LLB Hons, BA Hons, BSc Hons, BCA Hons, MRCGP, and Post-graduate are coded to level 8.

Level 7

Chartered Accountant, Civil Engineering, Degree, University Degree, Dental Surgery, BA, BSc, ACA, BCA, BEd, BBS, BDS, BFA, BCom, BVSc, MBChB and LLB are coded to level 7.

Level 6

Teacher's Certificate, Trained Teacher's Certificate, Trained Primary Teacher, Teaching Diploma, Higher Diploma Teaching, Advanced Diploma in Teaching, Early Childhood Education Teaching Diploma, NZ Kindergarten Teaching Diploma, Education Diploma, General and Obstetric Nurse, Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, Nursing Diploma, Comprehensive Nursing Diploma, School Dental Nurse, Physiotherapy Diploma, Social Work Diploma, Occupational Therapy Diploma, Pharmacy Diploma, Agriculture Diploma, Farm Management Diploma, Business Studies Diploma, NZ Diploma Business, Horticulture Diploma, Travel and Tourism Diploma, Fine Arts Diploma, Journalism Diploma, National Diploma in Business Computing, and NZ Diploma are assigned to level 6.

Level 5

Technician Certificate (in any subject), Advanced Trade Certificate, NZIM Certificate, Registered Electrical Technician, Associate of Management Institute NZ, Marine Engineer Class 1, Engineer First Class, QTA, ANZIM, HNC, and NCB are assigned to level 5.

Level 4

Enrolled Nurse, Trade Certificate, Fitting and Turning, Motor Mechanic, Registered Electrician, Apprenticeship (gained before 2000), Craftsman Plumber, Registered Plumber, Automotive Engineering, Karitane Nurse, NZ Library Studies Certificate, Home Science Diploma, Intermediate NZ Certificate in Science, TCB, Legal Executive Certificate, Professional Cookery Certificate, Secretarial Diploma, Supervisory Management Certificate, Civil Engineering Certificate, Master Mariner, Foreign Going Master, NZ Coastal Master, Qualified Butcher, Marine Engineer, Register Builder, Master Builder, Registered Surveyor, Banking Certificate, and IATA UFTAA Diploma are coded to level 4.

Note: Modern apprenticeships (from 2000) can be awarded at level 3 and level 4.

Coding of multilevel qualification titles

City and guilds

Level 2

City and Guilds Alcoholic Beverages Certificate
City and Guilds Waiting Table Certificate
City and Guilds Certificate

Level 3

City and Guilds Catering Certificate
City and Guilds Cookery Certificate
City and Guilds Cooking Certificate
City and Guilds Baking Certificate

Level 4

City and Guilds Metal Fabrication
City and Guilds Steel Making
City and Guilds Trade Certificate
City and Guilds Craft Certificate

Level 5

Advanced City and Guilds Certificate

Pitman's certificate

Level 2

Pitman's Typing Certificate
Pitman's Typing and Shorthand Certificate

NZ certificate

Level 1

Caregiver Family Day Care NZ Certificate

Level 3

Office Systems NZ Certificate

Level 4

Engineering Workshop Practice NZ Certificate
Science Intermediate NZ Certificate

Level 6

NZ Certificate is coded to level six if the subject is a science, architectural draughting or an engineering field, including electro-technology but excluding engineering workshop practice. 'Intermediate NZ Certificates' are not coded to this level.

National certificate if no level is given

Level 2

National Certificate in Computing
National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing

Level 4

National Certificate in Horticulture

Coding by qualification

ACA (L7)
Advanced Diploma in Teaching (L6)
Advanced Trade Certificate (L5)
Agriculture Diploma (L6)
Apprenticeship (gained before 2000) (L4)
Associate of Management Institute NZ (L5)
Automotive Engineering (L4)
BA (L7)
BA Hons (L8)
Banking Certificate (L4)
BBS (L7)
BCA (L7)
BCA Hons (L8)
BCom (L7)
BDS (L7)
BEd (L7)
BFA (L7)
BSc (L7)
BSc Hons (L8)
Business Studies Diploma (L6)
BVSc (L7)
Chartered Accountant (L7)
Civil Engineering (L7)
Civil Engineering Certificate (L4)
Comprehensive Nursing Diploma (L6)
Craftsman Plumber (L4)
Degree (L7)
Dental Surgery (L7)
Early Childhood Education Teaching Diploma (L6)
Education Diploma (L6)
Engineer First Class (L5)
Engineering Electro-Technology NZ Certificate (L6)
Enrolled Nurse (L4)
Farm Management Diploma (L6)
Fellow of the Royal Australasian College (Ophthalmology, Surgeon) (L10)
Fine Arts Diploma (L6)
Fitting and Turning (L4)
Foreign Going Master (L4)
General and Obstetric Nurse (L6)
Graduate Diploma (L7)
Higher Diploma Teaching (L6)
HNC (L5)
Home Science Diploma (L4)
Horticulture Diploma (L6)
IATA UFTAA Diploma (L4)
Intermediate NZ Certificate in Science (L4)
Journalism Diploma (L6)
Karitane Nurse (L4)
Legal Executive Certificate (L4)
LLB (L7)
LLB Hons (L8)
LLM (L9)
MA (L9)
Marine Engineer (L4)
Marine Engineer Class 1 (L5)
Master Builder (L4)
Master Mariner (L4)
Masters (L9)
MBA (L9)
MBChB (L7)
MEd (L9)
Motor Mechanic (L4)
MPhil (L9)
National Diploma in Business Computing (L6)
NCB (L5)
Nursing Diploma (L6)
NZ Coastal Master (L4)
NZ Diploma (L6)
NZ Diploma Business (L6)
NZ Kindergarten Teaching Diploma (L6)
NZ Library Studies Certificate (L4)
NZIM Certificate (L5)
Occupational Therapy Diploma (L6)
Pharmacy Diploma (L6)
PhD (L10)
Physician (L10)
Physiotherapy Diploma (L6)
Post-graduate (L8)
Professional Cookery Certificate (L4)
QTA (L5)
Qualified Butcher (L4)
Register Builder (L4)
Registered Electrical Technician (L5)
Registered Electrician (L4)
Registered Midwife (L6)
Registered Nurse (L6)
Registered Plumber (L4)
Registered Surveyor (L4)
School Dental Nurse (L6)
Secretarial Diploma (L4)
Social Work Diploma (L6)
Supervisory Management Certificate (L4)
Surgeon (L10)
TCB (L4)
Teacher's Certificate (L6)
Teaching Diploma (L6)
Technician Certificate (in any subject) (L5)
Trade Certificate (L4)
Trained Primary Teacher (L6)
Trained Teacher's Certificate (L6)
Travel and Tourism Diploma (L6)
University Degree (L7)
University Diploma (L6)

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