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Classification of urban area

As at 1 January 2018, the urban area classification will be replaced by the urban rural classification.

The standard classification of urban area was updated annually until 2017. The annual classification is released on the 1st of January each year, but there are not always changes from the previous classification. Urban area is a flat classification and contains 150 categories with a three part hierarchical sub-division of urban areas into:

  • main urban area (code range 001–100)
  • secondary urban area (code range 101–200)
  • minor urban area (code range 201–500)

Rural centres and rural areas are also defined in the urban area classification. The codes for rural centres, rural areas and residual categories start at 501. See "Available files".

Classification Changes from previous year
Urban area 2013

Seventeen areas in the urban area classification changed as a result of the 2013 minor review.

Secondary urban area 110 Blenheim changed to main urban area 026 Blenheim.

Minor urban area 279 Rangiora changed to secondary urban area 116 Rangiora
Minor urban area 295 Queenstown changed to secondary urban area 117 Queenstown

The following were changed from 501 rural centre to minor urban area:
· 302 Ngunguru
· 303 Mangawhai Heads
· 304 Te Kauwhata
· 305 Ngatea
· 306 Mapua
· 307 Amberley
· 308 Methven
· 309 Rakaia
· 310 Waikouaiti

Secondary urban area 115 Gore changed to minor urban area 301 Gore

The following minor urban areas were changed to 501 rural centres
· previously 204 Russell
· previously 236 Mangakino
· previously 252 Manaia
· previously 277 Hanmer Springs

Previous codes for all of the above changes are dropped from the classification.

Urban area 2006 Edgecumbe Community changed to Edgecumbe
Urban area 2001 Code 108 Kapiti promoted to main urban area and code changed to 025. Code 300 Rolleston created and code 225 Pauanui Beach dropped
Urban area 1996 Oceanic changed to Oceanic - Outside Region
Urban area 1992 N/A

Urban area 2013

Classification Urban Area 2013
Abbreviation UA13
Version V2.0
Effective date 01/11/2013

Urban area 2006

Classification Urban Area 2006
Abbreviation UA06
Version V1.0
Effective date 01/01/2006

Urban area 2001

Classification Urban Area 2001
Abbreviation UA01
Version V1.0
Effective date 01/01/2001

Urban area 1996

Classification Urban Area 1996
Abbreviation UA96
Version V1.0
Effective date 01/01/1996

Urban area 1992

Classification Urban Area 1992
Abbreviation UA92
Version V1.0
Effective date 01/01/1992
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