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Information about our surveys: A–Z of surveys

This page will help you find information about the survey you have been selected for. 

Click on a survey title to find out:

  • why we are carrying out the survey
  • who takes part in the survey
  • how you were selected
  • when we carry out the survey
  • how the survey will be carried out – an interview, a paper form, or electronically?
  • where to find a sample of the survey questionnaire, and survey results.

Our individual and household surveys and business surveys are listed alphabetically. 

Individual and household surveys


Census of Population and Dwellings

Census tests


Disability Survey


General Social Survey (NZGSS)


Household Economic Survey (HES)

  • HES (Expenditure)
  • HES (Savings)
  • HES (Income)

Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS)


Post-enumeration Survey (PES)


Te Kupenga or the Māori Social Survey

Business surveys


Accommodation Survey

Agricultural Production Survey

Annual Enterprise Survey (AES)


Building Activity Survey

Business Frame Structure Update (group profile survey)

Business Operations Survey

Business Register Update Survey

Business Survey - Quarterly (QBS) (previously Quarterly Survey of Services)


Central Government Enterprise Survey

Commodity Data Collection Survey

Commodity Price Survey

Consumer price surveys

  • Retail outlets (prices of goods collected in stores)
  • Used cars
  • Rent
  • Rent update
  • Postal surveys (all other consumer price surveys)


Economic Survey of Manufacturing – Quarterly (QMS)

Employment Survey – Quarterly (QES)

Enterprise Survey – Annual (AES)


Hedging of Overseas Foreign Currency Liabilities Survey


Information and Communication Technology Supply Survey (ICT)

International Investment Survey – Quarterly (QIIS)

Internet Service Provider Survey (ISP)

International Trade in Services and Royalties Survey – Quarterly (ITSS)


Labour Cost Survey – Changes to salary and wage rates

Local Authority Census (LAC)

Local Authority Survey – Quarterly (QLAS)


New Zealand Energy Use Survey

Nominees Survey – Quarterly (QNS)


Production surveys 


Research and Development Survey

Retail Trade Survey – Quarterly (RTS)


Screen Industry Survey

Survey of Debit Transactions


Transport surveys (air and sea)

  • Vessels and Aircraft Questionnaire
  • Quarterly Survey of International Airlines Operations (resident and non-resident international airlines)
  • Quarterly Survey of International Shipping Operations (resident and non-resident ship operators)
  • Quarterly Survey International Shipping Operations Shipping Agents Consolidated


Wholesale Trade Survey – Quarterly (WTS)

Page updated 27 June 2016

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