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Disability Survey – information for participants

Why are you carrying out this survey?

The Disability Survey collects information on people living with and without impairments in New Zealand. We survey to provide:

  • a picture of how many disabled people live in New Zealand, as well as the nature, duration, and cause of their impairments
  • information for government, disabled people’s organisations, community groups, and other organisations interested in disabled people’s outcomes.

Other examples of how the survey data is used:

  • reporting against the New Zealand Disability Strategy
  • meeting obligations for reporting and monitoring under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • enabling the development of a health expectancy measure by the Ministry of Health.

Who takes part in the survey? How did you select me?

There were two components of the survey in 2013: the Household Disability Survey, and the Disability Survey of Residential Facilities.

  • Selection for the Household Disability Survey was based on the 2013 Census. We randomly selected 23,000 children and adults who lived in private dwellings or group homes (of fewer than five people).
  • For the Disability Survey of Residential Facilities, we randomly selected 200 residential facilities from throughout the country. From each residential facility selected, a maximum of five selected adults aged 15 years and over participated in the survey.

When do you carry out the survey?

Previous surveys were carried out once every five years. The most recent one was after the 2013 Census.

How can I complete the survey questionnaire?

The 2013 survey was completed through a phone or face-to-face interview. Most interviews were conducted over the phone. In some cases, such as when a survey participant had hearing difficulties or required a sign-language interpreter, interviews were face-to-face.

How long does the interview take?

In the 2013 survey, the average interview time per person was 20–30 minutes for people with disability, and 10 minutes for those without disability.


Page updated 18 April 2016

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