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Quarterly Economic Survey of Manufacturing – information for participants

Why are you carrying out this survey?

We carry out the Quarterly Economic Survey of Manufacturing (QMS) to provide short-term indicator statistics on manufacturing industries. The survey provides information on:

  • the value of total sales
  • purchases and operating expenditure
  • salaries and wages
  • earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) 
  • the value of closing stocks of raw materials and finished goods, work in progress, and trading stocks.

Who takes part in the survey? How did you select me?

Of the approximately 20,700 manufacturing businesses in New Zealand, we select a sample of approximately 390 businesses to participate in this survey.

We select survey business participants based on the size of the business.

All manufacturing businesses (with annual turnover of over $30,000) may be selected. Some businesses are included in a postal sample, while for smaller businesses we use GST data.

All manufacturing businesses classified under the Australia and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification – Division C (Manufacturing) can be selected.

Your business may be selected to participate in the survey if it is involved in any of the following sub-industry groupings in the manufacturing sector:

  • Meat and dairy product manufacturing
  • Seafood processing
  • Fruit, oil, cereal, and other food manufacturing
  • Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing
  • Textile, leather, clothing, and footwear manufacturing
  • Wood and paper product manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Petroleum and coal product manufacturing
  • Chemical, polymer, and rubber product manufacturing
  • Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing
  • Metal product manufacturing
  • Transport equipment, machinery and equipment manufacturing
  • Furniture and other manufacturing.

From June 2016, we started collecting earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) from businesses.

From September 2015 we started using more GST data in place of surveying some businesses. As a result, we have reduced the number of businesses we survey by about 60 percent. Some businesses in the previous sample were selected for the new sample; these are large businesses or businesses that are unusual in their industry segment. We also sample a small proportion of businesses for their stock holdings.

What if my business is not engaged in manufacturing?

Sometimes the way we classify a business may differ from how the business describes its activities. For instance, printers and bakers are classified under the manufacturing industry.

There can also be an overlap between wholesaling and manufacturing business classifications. Some business activities undertake both manufacturing and wholesaling.

What if my business is very small?

The survey is designed to collect information on manufacturers with an annual turnover of more than $30,000.

Please contact our survey help desk at 0800 809 464 or if the annual turnover of your business is less than $30,000. We will then update the records of your business.

When do you carry out the survey?

The survey is carried out every quarter.

How can I complete the survey questionnaire?

You can complete the survey questionnaire by filling in the online form.

What do I need to complete the survey online?

Most computers and browsers can be used to complete the survey online. The survey has been tested and optimised for the following internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Firefox 47.0 and above
  • Google Chrome v51.0.27 and above
  • Safari 5.1.7 and above

The minimum security requirement is using an SSL enabled browser capable of 128 bit encryption.

Can I print out my survey?

Yes, you can print out your survey.

  • At any stage when you are completing the questionnaire, you can do this using your internet browser’s print function.
  • You can also print out your questionnaire with the information you have entered immediately after you submit it, just print the page 'thanking you for the submission' and it will include the questionnaire.

However, there are limitations on what you can print.

  • Due to browser limitations and differences, you might not be able to print all of the questionnaire and your answers.
  • Once you have completed the survey and leave the survey website you will not be able to access the information you have submitted to Statistics NZ. 

Page updated 18 October 2016

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