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Quarterly Survey of Services (now Quarterly Business Survey) – information for participants

Why are you carrying out this survey?

We carry out this survey to provide timely short-term indicator statistics on the service sector. The survey provides quarterly data on the value of service sales.

Who takes part in the survey? How did you select me?

Selected businesses in the services industry take part in this survey. There are nearly 40,000 businesses in this industry. At the end of each calendar quarter, we select large businesses in the industry to take part. The sample size varies for each quarter, usually around 200 businesses, and covers the following industries:

  • scientific, architectural, and engineering services
  • legal and accounting services
  • veterinary and other professional services
  • repair and maintenance services
  • personal care, funeral, and other services.

What if my business is not engaged in services?

Sometimes the way we classify a business may differ from how a business describes its activities. For instance, the repair and maintenance services industry includes businesses such as vehicle, machinery and equipment servicing, and repair workshops. The personal care, funeral, and other services industry may include businesses that provide hairdressing and beauty services, parking services, and laundry and dry-cleaning services.

From September 2015 we started using more GST data in place of surveying many small businesses. As a result, we have reduced the number of businesses we survey and included three new industries. These three new industries are the professional, scientific, and technical services industries. Technical services industries may include, but are not restricted to, businesses like engineering firms, legal and accounting firms, and veterinary clinics.

Please contact our survey help desk at 0800 809 464 or if your business is not engaged in services. We will check that our records of your business are correct.

When do you carry out the survey?

The survey is carried out every quarter.

How can I complete the survey questionnaire?

You can complete the survey questionnaire by filling in the online form.

Page updated 23 June 2016


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