Stats NZ has a new website.

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As we transition to our new site, you'll still find some Stats NZ information here on this archive site.

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Find data using our tools

Use our free tools to get the data you need. Choose from:

You can also get help to find and use our data.

Population data

Interactive Population Pyramid for New Zealand

View the past, present, or future age-sex distribution of New Zealand's population.

Population clock

Get a real-time estimate of the current resident population of New Zealand.

See also our Population section for the latest population stats, reports and articles, and related information.

Datasets by subject and theme


Extract the data you want from large datasets. Create, customise, and download tables. Select from a range of subjects and themes. See also Tables by subject.


View and download the most up-to-date time-series data from this large statistical database.

Consumers price index visualisation

View and explore changes in the CPI basket of goods and services. Download data in CSV format.

Bulk CSV downloads

View and download pre-prepared bulk CSV downloads of our time-series data.

Business data

Data for business

View our business tools, data, and case studies all in one place to help you start and grow your business.

Industry Profiler

Compare your business with competitors. Get stats on small businesses by industry and region. Find numbers of new businesses, worker turnover and survival rates, and average earnings for staff. 

Market Mapper

Locate your target market by age, sex, income, household, or family type. Zoom in on regions, areas, and suburbs.

Business Performance Benchmarker

Use the Business Performance Benchmarker to find key financial performance and benchmark statistics for business planning, or to compare your business against similar businesses.

See also our Business section for the latest business stats, reports, and related information.

Geographic data, maps, and files


Download statistical and spatial data for any part of New Zealand in the format and coordinate system of your choice.


Explore statistical maps about New Zealand and its people. These maps show changes in our society and economy.

Geographic areas

Find data, reports, and maps for New Zealand and subnational areas. Use our Geographic Boundary Viewer to see a range of geographical boundaries, including 2006 and 2013 Census boundaries.

Geographic boundary files

Download shapefiles, geodatabases, and MapInfo files to use within GIS software. The files contain statistical and administrative geographic boundaries for New Zealand, including general and Māori electoral districts.

Metadata and classifications


Use Ariā to find and download concepts and definitions, classifications, concordances, and standards used for data and statistical activities across government.


Explore our metadata. Search or browse for information about our statistical activities and data.

Classification Code Finder

Enter a keyword to find a classification category, search for a category by its code, or browse the classification hierarchy.

Download the Classification Coding System

Download and use the CCS tool to code commonly used standard classifications, including industry, occupation, and geographic coding.

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